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Fan Bay Deep Shelter

Sound Mirrors

We're working to uncover the sound mirrors next to the underground shelter at Fan Bay, removing the spoil that was used to cover them in the 1970's revealing these historic structures for all to see.

The Fan Bay blog

We've set up a blog with information about the project, all the latest updates and loads more photos. So take a look and see what we're up to.

Opening in 2015

We were able to purchase Fan Bay Deep Shelter and Sound Mirrors in 2012. We're now working on uncovering the tunnels so we can open them to visitors in 2015.

Wildlife benefit

Makeing more space for nature

As part of the project we will be removing the spoil and rubble that was dumped over the sound mirrors and entrances to the tunnel complex; this will allow the chalk grassland plants to re-colonise the area.


Can you help us?

We still need more help to open the tunnels to the public, so if you think that you could help us please get in touch. You can e-mail us for more information.

Gentle conservation

Rusting history

We're now recording the interior of the tunnels before we start work on making essential repairs, we hope to show visitors the tunnels in their current condition, as they would have looked when they were abandoned.

Underground history

A calling card from the past

Fan Bay Deep Shelter was constructed in 1940/41 to provide accomodation for the troops who were stationed on the gun battery above, when completed the tunnels could shelter 190 people from enemy shelling.