Stackpole rediscovered - an exciting project

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We’re reawakening the historic heart of the Stackpole estate in Pembrokeshire and telling the story of those who shaped this incredible landscape.

Although Stackpole Court is long gone, we're restoring the famous views from the terrace that the Cawdor family would have enjoyed 150 years ago.

Revealing and restoring

We have restored some of the original pathways in Lodge Park, and cleared the dense undergrowth of cherry laurel that's been choking it for many years.

The work is revealing things which appear on old plans but that we thought were lost. You'll be able to see these features as we recreate the open park landscape that was part of the original design.
We're also clearing the sloping terrace below where the house used to stand.

Other developments

Our new interpretation centre based at the original brewery and dairy buildings which explains how the estate functioned has been completed. 

We have renovated the Stackpole Centre Outdoor Learning Centre and upgraded the facilities and accommodation. The renovation has enable us to engage wider groups of visitors in a range of formal and informal educational courses and activities linked to the estate.

We have installed a new biomass boiler to reduce our environmental impact with energy and water conservation demonstrating good practice and conveying key messages to users.

The work to come

Further work will involve de-silting the upper reaches of the lake, clearance works to open up the embankment and thereby recreating the look of the lakeside 200 years ago. We aim to restore lakeside architectural features too.