Lode Mill

Lode Mill in action

Lode Mill has been in operation for a couple of centuries. Most of its current working parts are about 150 years old.

However there has been a mill on this site for around a thousand years. A mill is referred to here in the Domesday Book.

Take a look at this video to see what it's like in Lode Mill now.

Fresh ground flour

Watch us grind wheat into flour, then buy some fresh from the chute. It's delicious for bread making or dumplings!

See for yourself in our Redwoods Restaurant, where the flour is used in our delicious scones.

The water-wheel

The water-wheel is best seen from outside the mill on the far side.

Nine feet wide and 16 feet in diameter, the wheel is made of metal. The struts are made of cast iron and 54 steel floats hold the water.

Visiting the mill

  • Open from 11am - 3:30pm, Wednesday to Sunday
  • View the gearwheels on the ground floor
  • Watch the flour comes out of the chute and into a sack
  • See the pair of working grindstones on the first floor
  • Visit the display area on the second floor

Nearly 1,000 years of history

A look inside the structure of the Mill.

A look inside the structure of the Mill.

Although the current mill most likely dates from the 18th century, there is evidence of a watermill being on the site since the 10th century. There have been different styles of milling on the site in its near 1,000 year history and a number of restorations.

New mill stones

We've just undertaken a major project to replace Lode Mill's worn out mill stones - not an easy task in such a historic & cramped building..