Trust New Art exhibitions 2014

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Each year we run a programme of exhibitions, events, artists' residencies and commissions, which offer new experiences at our places. Here's a roundup of events taking place in 2014:

Arts Council Collection loans at Upton House, from 28 September - 9 April 2014

Through our exhibition we would like to explore Lord Bearsted's little known connections with the world of contemporary art, and more specifically the Whitechapel Gallery, of which he was chairman from 1942. Our exhibition will focus on a group of artists at work during Lord Bearsted's lifetime, who exhibited together at the Whitechapel in 1950 in an exhibition entitled 'Painters Progress'. This includes L.S. Lowry, John Piper, Prunella Clough and Keith Vaughan.

Life and Morte at Morte Point, North Devon, until 1 September 2014

Based on five works located around Morte Point, artist Jay Clement focuses our attention on the perpetually cyclical nature of our environment after meticulous research of local histories of Morte Point.

Raison d'Etre by Heinrich and Palmer at Mottisfont, until 21 April 2014

An installation in the stables with work by students and graduates of Winchester School of Art with Test Valley and Romsey U3A group around the recently revealed Piscina (medieval basin)

Sculpture and Fire Installation to Live Music at Nymans, from 11 January - 19 February 2014

French artist Denis Tricot creates ephemeral wooden sculptural interpretations in Nymans garden. His gentle fluid sculptures suggest wind moving through the landscape, and play amongst the ruins of the Messel home, destroyed by fire in 1947. This sculptural intervention will be created over four days as a response by the artist to the landscape and environment and will culminate in a ceremonial burning event on the evening of 19 February 2014. Sections of the sculptural work will be set alight, reminiscent of the 1947 fire, and will be accompanied by live musical interpretations by cellist Vania Dombrovszky.

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Royals: Then and Now at Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Garden, from 1 March - 2 November 2014

Enjoy major contemporary royal portraits from the National Portrait Gallery including the dashing painting of Prince William and Prince Harry by Nicky Philipps. Introducing contemporary works of art to Beningbrough for the first time, this display marks the 300th anniversary of the accession of the house of Hanover that lasted until Queen Victoria's death, and shows members of the Royal family of today in the context of their ancestors.

New art by Ryan Gander at 2 Willow Road: 'The artists have the keys' exhibition, from 1 March - 2 November 2014

Gander’s exhibited works draw on the objects designed and assembled by the Goldfinger family at 2 Willow Road. His conceptual art practice involves a questioning of language and knowledge, and a reinvention of the modes of appearance and creation of an artwork.

The exhibition presents many new works by Gander, including a flawed and wounded man bleeding frames onto a page - a performance of a children’s book written by Gander, entitled The Boy Who Always Looked Up, about Goldfinger’s relationship to Trellick Tower. The work is a dramatic radio play, filmed in a professional recording studio, incorporating a live performance by foley artists using sound effect props to accompany the narrative.

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Sculpture in Mompesson House & Garden - contemporary sculptors including Elisabeth Frink at Mompesson House, from 15 March - 2 November 2014

The National Trust & Veronica Stewart Arts Trust present an exhibition of contemporary sculpture, including work by Elisabeth Frink, throughout Mompesson House and Gardens, curated by Annette Ratuszniak. Free to National Trust members.

Imagine...Lace at Waddesdon exhibition at Waddesdon Manor, from 26 March - 26 October 2014

Lace-makers and selected artists have been invited to respond to the collection at Waddesdon, which includes historic lace acquired by Baroness Edmond de Rothschild (1853-1935). While lace and accessories from the 17th to the 20th centuries will be displayed, the new works are inspired by aspects of Waddesdon as diverse as architecture, automata, porcelain and panelling and will be shown in the historic interiors, challenging the traditional concept of lace.

Materials and techniques will be explored through a range of events, including lace demonstrations, drop-in and bookable workshops. Artists working with or inspired by lace will be featured in the shop.

Imagine...Lace at Waddesdon has been organised by Waddesdon Manor and Lace 21, comprising members from the Lace Guild, the Lace Society and the Ring of Tatters. The group has a multi-faceted approach to lace, seeing it as an art form for the 21st century.
More information about these organisations: The Lace GuildThe Lace Society and Ring of Tatters.

Rascal Shadows at Waddesdon Manor, from 26 March - 26 October 2014

Jan Dunning is a photographic artist and art educator. She will create a playful and surreal trail of works that will lead visitors through the house via unexpected images and installations, culminating in a camera obscura in one of the turrets.
Inspired by stories of the evacuees who lived here during the Second World War, Jan's subtle interventions will appeal to anyone who would like an alternative, magical perspective on Waddesdon' s collection and history.
For more information about Jan's work.

Art in the Park at Ilam Park - Peak District, from 12 April - 12 May 2014

The University of Derby will return to Ilam Park for the 13th year to create landscape inspired sculptures within the parkland. Fine art staff and students will spend a week at Ilam Park using natural materials sourced from the White Peak estate to create their own sculptures. Visitors to Ilam Park will be able to pick up a free trail sheet to find the sculptures.

Stroud International Textiles at Newark Park, from 23 April - 8 June 2014

SIT presents a vibrant and ambitious programme that profiles leading and emerging artists, designers and makers, and this year the exhibtion pieces will be shown at Newark Park. This exhibition will be throughout the house at Newark Park and shows high quality contemporary craft/applied art.

More information on Stroud International Textiles and the exhibition at Newark Park

Material Things VIII at Standen, from 30 April - 26 May 2014

A selling exhibition from textile artists of the Sussex Guild with artists, Wendy Dolan and Louise Bell.

  • For more information visit Standen 

Wander in Gladness at Coleridge Cottage, from 1 May - 12 May 2014

The Somerset Printmakers present a brand new exhibition of works inspired by Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Sculptures at Greyfriars, from 1 May - 1 June 2014

We will plan for around 35 sculptors exhibiting glass, ceramic, steel, wood etc within a £250 to £2000 price frame. Small to medium sized in scale and also possibly displaying pieces in shop windows in Friar Street.

Garden of Delights at Mottisfont, from 3 May - 6 July 2014

A mixed-media show inspired by the theme of gardens, with loans from major galleries and leading contemporary artists.

Lux exhibition at Cragside, from 10 June - 2 November 2014

In 2014 Cragside is showcasing the creative and inventive spirit of its owner William Armstrong. Visitors will see a contemporary art exhibition in the house and grounds with works by artists Catherine Bertola, Andrew Burton, Dan Fox, Tanya Axford and Bob Levene.

This event has been curated in partnership with Arts& Heritage. Watch this space for a forthcoming programme of events. During the summer of 2014, Cragside will once again become the progressive hub for arts and science exploration. Reflecting upon the creative and inventive spirit of its owner William Armstrong, tables will shine, lampshades will crackle and the beautiful gardens will hold a golden surprise within them.

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Silver and Thread exhibition at Newark Park, from 11 June - 27 July 2014

Ceramic artist Rosemary Cochrane and Textile artist Louise Watson, come together to create a wonderful exhibition of the two mediums intermingling, inspired by Newark's outdoors and interior ceramic and textiles this exhibition also showcases how they produce each finished artwork through workbooks - art in themselves.

Confidence with Colour II at Standen, from 27 June - 20 July 2014

Selling exhibition of Lustreware, Jewellery, Printmaking and more from members of The Sussex Guild.

  • For more information visit Standen  

Paradise exhibition at Tyntesfield and Leigh Woods, from July - September 2014

This summer, Trust New Art Bristol collaborates with Bristol’s leading contemporary art gallery Arnolfini, in the presentation of a series of site-specific sculptural installations at Tyntesfield and Leigh Woods. Using a variety of materials and art practices, the new commissions reveal the often fragile 'promises’ made by landscape and urban design to change the way we live.

By its proximity to Bristol, Leigh woods can be seen as part of Bristol’s urban infrastructure. As such, the site is hosting a commission, which explores the design integration between the built environment and the natural environment; how urban dwellers see the land and the unique social relationships formed within that space.

The new commissions at Tyntesfield are framed against an important change in land use taking place on the Tyntesfield estate in 2014. Working with a landscape designer and artist, we are planting one of the largest orchards in the southwest, providing a unique opportunity for the artist to consider what this change entails in terms of land use.

Useful and Beautiful XI at Standen, from 9 August - 16 August 2014

A mixed media selling exhibition from artists of the Sussex Guild

  • For more information visit Standen  

In a Different Light exhibition at Croft Castle, from 9 September 2014 - Spring 2015

This will be a lighting exhibition in the parkland at Croft Castle but also looking at creating 'beautiful spaces' for families to come out into after dark

Mottisfont Open Show exhibition at Mottisfont, from 27 September - 16 November 2014

Our annual show this year is open to all artists, selected by a panel of gallery curators and directors. This popular exhibition celebrates the best of local artistic talent.

Unravelling Uppark at Uppark House and Garden, from 4 May – 2 November 2014

Thirteen artists make new work to explore Uppark's stories and sense of place. Curated by Unravelled Arts, the work, explores wealth, social elevation, partying and the devastating fire in 1989.
Artists: Andrew Burton, Gen Doy, Helen Felcey and Alice Kettle, Steven Follen, Stella Harding and Robert Cooper, Caitlin Heffernan, Zoë Hillyard, Agnes Jones, Jini Rawlings, Simon Ryder and Matt Smith.
There is an events programme, an activity pack for children and a full colour catalogue.

  • For more information visit Uppark