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Exhibitions at Hidcote

Olga Prinku Botanical Embroider
Botanical Embroidery by artist Olga Prinku | © Olga Prinku

Find out about exhibitions at Hidcote, showcasing work by a range of artists, local and international inspired by Hidcote.

Nature's Tapestry | Botanical Embroidery at Hidcote

Friday 29 March to Monday 30 September

Hidcote will host botanical and embroidery artist Olga Prinku in the exhibition hall this spring. Olga’s work combines dried and preserved flowers and other natural materials with tulle fabric, to create motifs inspired by nature.

Olga has been visiting Hidcote through the seasons to collect materials which she will use to create three artworks inspired by the garden. These will be displayed alongside her wider boy of work.

Her work uses materials like seed-heads that we ordinarily overlook to create intricate and unique artworks inspired by the changing of the seasons, and the raw beauty of the natural world.

The exhibition is located in the Entrance Hall of the house and is free to enjoy. Normal admission to the property applies.

Flowers-on-tulle embroidery by artist Olga Prinku
Flowers-on-tulle embroidery by artist Olga Prinku | © Olga Prinku

Further exhibitions are yet to be announced. Check back for further details soon.

Old Garden from above in late autumn at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

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