Explore the galleries at Sudbury's Museum of Childhood

The Outdoor Adventure Gallery at The National Trust Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

The Museum of Childhood's eight galleries celebrate the escapades and challenges of childhood in a whole new way. You don’t have to be young, only young at heart to enjoy the adventure.

The Outdoor Adventure Gallery

Start the discovery outside and walk through our Victorian street, where you can play jacks and marbles.
Jog your own memories by listening to people’s accounts of playing outdoors over the years.

The Work Gallery

Experience first hand the realities of life for children employed through the ages. Venture down a Victorian mine tunnel.
Uncover what life was like for children working in domestic service, whilst daring young ‘sweeps’ can take on our chimney climb.

The Home Gallery

This gallery turns home life on its head. Look up to see a bedroom on the ceiling. Put yourself in the shoes of a family on the home front in the Second World War.
Pick a favourite from the wonderful display of dolls houses and board games.

The School Gallery

The best days of your life? Cast your mind back to semolina dinners and school uniforms.
Sit up straight and pay attention in the Victorian school room and have a go at our playground games.

The Baby Gallery

Trace the first year of life and see how we celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Compare the equipment used to care for little ones today to that of the 19th century.

The Stories and Imagination Gallery

Enter here and who knows who you’ll meet. Walk through outer space and a magical forest. Budding storytellers can create their own characters and stories in our performance area.
Play with puppets and delve into our book collection.

The Toys Gallery

With an amazing array of toys including the Betty Cadbury Collection of Playthings Past, you can take a look at toys through the ages.
Re-discover the toys you played with or those your parents or grandparents loved.