Castle Drogo

Inspecting the damage at Drogo © Apex

Inspecting the damage at Drogo

Castle Drogo is engaged in a battle for survival - a battle that, without your help it may lose.

It is being destroyed by water penetration. High on Dartmoor, Castle Drogo is exposed to strong and almost constant winds and rain, while flaws in the original construction mean that today significant amounts of water penetrate through the roof, windows and pointing.

This has caused multiple serious leaks, which can result in water running down the walls and staircases. Each walk around the castle reveals further damage; damp patches and cracks which bring the threat of structural failure of the ceilings or walls.

Your gift of £28 today could buy a window pane, to replace one damaged as a result of water penetration. Please donate today.

We urgently need your help because, without it, Castle Drogo will soon become unsafe. Its structure will fail and ultimately it will collapse and become inaccessible. If this is allowed to happen, visitors will no longer experience the thrill of seeing its imposing edifice emerging from its breathtaking Dartmoor setting.

Castle Drogo is, quite simply, too important for us to allow it to become a ruin.

See for yourself

Drogo is a dramatic castle in a dramatic setting. Sitting high above the Teign Gorge with views across Dartmoor, visitors can enjoy the modern comforts of Britain's youngest castle.

Where will your money go?

A conservator inspecting water damage at Castle Drogo

A conservator inspecting water damage at Castle Drogo

  • £35.28 could provide 12kg of lime mortar to protect the building's walls from the elements for generations to come.
  • £50 would be a significant contribution to helping us achieve our most challenging task, installing a 2-layer membrane that will make the castle roof watertight.

With every rain shower bringing further destruction, it will soon be damaged beyond repair. You can help us to save it.

Castle Drogo competition winners

10 lucky National Trust website users have won a behind-the-scenes tour of Castle Drogo in our appeal prize draw. The winners are:

  • Mr M Ball
  • Mr R Green
  • Mr A (Tony) Croucher
  • Mrs Janet Moyles
  • Mr C Pollard
  • Mr J Horton
  • Mr K Benfield
  • Mr A Blackwood
  • Mr Gordon Campbell
  • Mr P Brown