Castle Drogo

We need your help to preserve Castle Drogo for future generations. The castle has suffered from major structural problems ever since it was built; by 2012 the situation had become critical.

The scale of the scaffolding at Castle Drogo © Lobster Vision

The scale of the scaffolding at Castle Drogo

Thanks to your generous donations, the five-year restoration of Castle Drogo is underway, but we still need your support to complete these colossal renovations.

The last castle to be built in England has always suffered from turbulent Dartmoor weather. Thanks to you, we’re installing a new roof membrane to make it watertight. Masons are repairing the walls and repointing the stonework. Building experts removed 100s of granite slabs, numbering each to keep them in the right order.

Castle Drogo was built next to the steep Teign Gorge, so erecting the freestanding scaffold around the castle has been a major feat. Although very costly, the scaffolding is essential for scaling the roof. We couldn’t have afforded it without you.

But recently we've unearthed unexpected structural problems and will need extra waterproofing under the west wall. This has driven up costs and we need your help again. Please donate today; without this work, a national treasure will be lost forever.

What will we spend your money on?

  • £35.28 could provide 12kg of lime mortar to protect the building's walls from the elements for generations to come.
  • £50 would be a significant contribution to helping us achieve our most challenging task, installing a two-layer membrane that will make the castle roof watertight.

Why save Castle Drogo?

Blueprints for improvement

Blueprints for improvement

Castle Drogo was the dream of Julius Drewe, who laid the foundation stone on his 55th birthday. He employed the architect of the day, Sir Edwin Lutyens to build him a castle on Dartmoor. Lutyens who is often referred to as the greatest British architect is perhaps most famous for designing the Cenotaph in Whitehall and the Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, Thiepval.

A visit to Castle Drogo is like never before. Inside, the castle has been completely redisplayed with installations and open storage areas. There is also the opportunity to get up close to the building project by climbing the viewing tower (restrictions apply).