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Family-friendly things to do at Castle Drogo

A woman is helping a child to walk over rocks. They have two boarder collies with them. The woman and child are wearing rain coats and wooly hats.
Visitors walking the Teign Gorge on the Castle Drogo estate, Devon | © James Dobson

Have a family adventure at Castle Drogo whatever the season. Discover a host of family-friendly activities to take part in, from outdoor challenges to garden trails and more.

Family-friendly events this Autumn

October half term

Take in the autumnal colours with our sensory half term trail around the grounds of the castle. The half term trail will be running from Saturday 21 until Sunday the 29 October.

Wild Wednesdays

If you're looking for things to do in the half term holiday, come along to our activity hut for a session of Wild Wednesday activities and get stuck in. The next Wild Wednesday is 25 October 11.30am - 3pm.

Planning your family visit

Here is the information you need at a glance to help plan your next day out to Castle Drogo:

  • Baby-changing facilities are available in visitor reception
  • Buggy friendly routes are available around the garden
  • Hip-carrying infant seats available for loan in the house
  • Children’s menu available from Café
  • Pocket money gifts and children’s books available in the shop.
  • Bikes, scooters and ball games are not allowed in the grounds.
  • Dogs are welcome in some areas of the property. Follow the link to find out more about visiting with your dog.

Family-friendly things to do in the garden

The garden has lots of paths to explore, follow Mr Drewe's path for impressive views across the Teign Gorge. Or, follow the path through the Rhododendron Garden and feel like you’re in a secret garden. For those with a bit of energy to burn, head to the circular lawn, the perfect place to have a run around. Why not see how long it takes to run all the way around the edge?

Get closer to nature

Each season we have a different spotter sheet for the garden. You can pick one up from the visitor reception and see what signs of nature you can spot.

Family friendly things to do in the house

Inside the house, create a story out of items in the Castle Drogo collection. We've picked out several interesting items for you to find in each of the main rooms. As you explore the Castle can you create a story based on what you find? Download a copy of the trail here or ask at the Entrance hall when you visit.

If you're short on time why not take on our polygon chalenge. As you explore the castle see how many hexagons and octagons you can find. They pop up all over the place! Look closely at the stones, architecture and furnishings and if you're stuck ask one of our friendly volunteers, they know where to look. We're not sure we've found them all yet!

'50 things to do before you're 11¾'

Can you tick these off your '50 things' list at Castle Drogo?

  • No. 4 Build a den: Test your wilderness skills and have a go at building a den. There is lots of excellent woodland around the Teign Gorge perfect for building a den. Always remeber to not disturb and wildlife and leave no trace.
  • No. 31 Make friends with a bug: Find some dead wood or a nice big stick turn it over and see what creepy crawlies are livig there.
  • No. 44 Watch a bird: The Teign Gorge is home to many bird varieties. Listen out for the songbirds and the unmistakeable tap of the woodpecker. Out on the gorge there are often buzzrds and ravens soaring over head.
Small child adding sticks to a den. The child is wearing waterproof clothing.
Small child adding sticks to a den | © Clive Whitbourn
Fast flowing river with lots of rocks in the river. The water is very dark almost black around the river are wintery looking trees.

Exploring the Teign Gorge at Castle Drogo 

Follow the winding paths below the castle into the sheltered Teign Gorge. Explore this ancient gorge teeming with wildlife on trails along the river or soak up views over Dartmoor.

The wooden telephone exchange in the Butler's Pantry at Castle Drogo

10 things to see inside Castle Drogo 

Explore the castle’s interior and discover its precious treasures and family stories. As the last castle to be built in England modern features were included for the ambitious owner.

selection of woolen throws hanging on pegs

Eating and shopping at Castle Drogo 

The café at Castle Drogo serves hot and cold drinks, lunches, snacks and sweet treats. Afterwards, stop off at the shop for a choice of gifts and souvenirs to take home with you.