Fun for families at Hardwick Hall

Young child taking part in one of the 50 things activities

There are plenty of things to do for families at Hardwick throughout the seasons. From dressing up and history quizzes in the house, to tracker packs at the Visitor Centre for exploring the park. There’s always something to do come rain or shine. Make sure you keep an eye on our events page for more family fun.

In the Gardens

Explore the courtyards of the gardens with a tracker pack and discover creepy crawlies in the long grass, have fun identifying the different flowers throughout the year or lie on your back on the lawns and watch the clouds. 
Throughout the school holidays find games on the lawns to enjoy with all the family from hula hoops to a game of cricket.

In the Hall

See if you can discover all the answers to the quizzes and decide is Hardwick is a palace or a prison. Our littlest visitors can keep and eye out for the Hardwick stags dotted around the Hall.
Get hands on the Below Stairs with our rug rugging or dress up as some of the characters who worked below stairs.

In the Park

Grab a 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ map from the Visitor Centre and head out into the park. Have fun trying to identify the birds on the lake and keep an eye out for Bess' oak. It's thought to be over 400 years old.
Go for a wander down Lady Spencer’s Walk (suitable for buggies) and enjoy den building along the way in our natural play areas.

In the Stableyard

Why not bring a football with you or a frisbee and have some fun running around in Stableyard? There are lots of games to play too.
When you are ready for a break enjoy our children’s menu in the Great Barn Restaurant or browse the pocket money section of the Stables Shop.