The Old Garden at Hidcote, Gloucestershire © Brian & Nina Chapple

The Old Garden at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

The magical garden maker

See how Hidcote garden grew from a field high up on a Cotswold escarpment into one of the country's most influential 20th-century gardens.

Delve into the life of Lawrence Johnston, who made Hidcote his home. Find out how he created a horticultural masterpiece from bare fields.

Genius revealed

Much has been written about Lawrence Johnston. But who was he really and how did this American, born in Paris, end up living in Gloucestershire?

Did you know?

  • Johnston was related to two First Ladies of US Presidents
  • In the Second World War gardeners grew potatoes on the Great Lawn
  • Lawrence Johnston kept flamingos by the pool in the Wilderness
  • Johnston was so badly wounded in 1914 he was laid out for burial
  • Hidcote welcomed its first paying visitors in 1949

The garden grows

From humble beginnings in 1907 to a garden that has inspired more people than any other, see how Hidcote took root and blossomed.