Mary Anne's garden designs

A fabulous floral fountain display © NT

A fabulous floral fountain display

Mary Anne designed several planting schemes for the south lawn. The Disraeli’s spent hours enjoying their beautiful garden either strolling the pleasure grounds or enjoying the evening sun from the parterre.

Head Gardener Frank

Frank hard at work © NT

Frank hard at work

Frank is our head gardener. He works tirelessly throughout the year to create and maintain our fabulous gardens. You'll often find his team busy at work during the week. 

Family fun in the walled garden

Get green with your children © NT

Get green with your children

For family fun and excitement delve into the walled garden willow maze or pick a watering can and barrow to give our gardeners a hand.

More colourful designs

Beautiful flowers in the formal garden © NT

Beautiful flowers in the formal garden

Mary Anne left diaries about her management of Hughenden.  As well as the management of the Disraeli household she left notes about the garden design and even helped in achieving the effect she planned. As with her appearance and home, she adored to include vibrant colours.

Season of mellow fruitfulness

Three rosy red Coxs Pomona apples ready to pick © David Sellman

Three rosy red Coxs Pomona apples ready to pick

Trees in the walled garden and orchard at Hughenden quake under the weight of fruit in Autumn.  Often the heaviest branches have to be supported with wooden stakes so the branches don't break under the load. The shelter from the walls and the south facing aspect allow less hardy fruit to thrive. On our Apple Days in October you can learn about characteristics of a large range of variety of apple.

Plant stall

Be sure to stop by our plant stalls in the stable yard and walled garden.  All the plants are supplied and grown by our volunteers and would make a beautiful addition to your garden.

Walled garden

Our walled garden volunteers are always busy and in autumn the results can be seen everywhere. The garden is alive with beasts and birds can you spot them?



Top gardening tips

We grow about 50 different varieties of apples

Careful pruning and plenty of pollinators improve the yield of fruit trees.




Our honey bees gather nectar from the gardens

Hughenden honey jars stacked high

Hughenden honey jars stacked high

The bee hives can be found at the far end of the parterre, and once the temperature reaches ten degrees Celsius our honey bees fly south over the parkland or visit the gardens collecting nectar. At our Meet the Beekeepers events you may be lucky enough to have the opportunity to acquire some of our honey or other hive products such as beeswax candles. Why not try one of our honey recipes?


Listen to the birds

Our quiet position above the Hughenden Valley means the air is often full of the sound of birds such as the red kite.