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A popular Victorian author

Dizzy’s library

Disraeli was known for his wit and whilst his books may not suit modern tastes he was more popular than Dickens. The cheque for the advance he received for Sybil is surprisingly large.

Activities for children

Over the summer there are giant games on the parterre; August 8th is Pongo the pig's birthday party and we have 3 outdoor theatre events for 3-7 year olds. Download our seasonal spotter guides.

Wonderful walks

Pick up a walk leaflet or download our map. Red kites, splashes of autumn colour, sounds of bird call or church bells are some of the joys that await. Read a day in the life of a path warden.


Hughenden's wartime story

Hughenden as it might have looked during war © Tricia Lockhart

Hughenden as it might have looked during war

Some of Hughenden's wartime activities became known comparatively recently.  Visit the cellars in the house, the ice house, the walled garden or apiary as each was important in the Dig for Victory campaign.  Special events recreate the atmosphere but whenever you visit this fascinating aspect of Hughenden can be seen.

Art in our parkland

Ghostly guardians of history look out over parkland © Tricia Lockhart

Ghostly guardians of history look out over parkland

Each summer the parkland at Hughenden forms an outdoor gallery for some artwork.  The artists may be local and still learning their craft or established exponents of large scale installations but the theme is always in sympathy with Hughenden and its past.

Each season has treasure to spot

Children playing in the autumn leaves © National Trust

Children playing in the autumn leaves

Try our illustrated seasonal spotter guides for both parkland and woodland but keep your ears open for the sounds of our surroundings, too.

Autumn parkland  Autumn woodland Winter parkland Winter woodland

Dogs have always enjoyed Hughenden walks

The neat row of headstones for dogs © Steve Kirkpatrick

The neat row of headstones for dogs

The Disraeli's were fond of their dogs and a corner of the estate was used to bury them, each with its own headstone. Our four legged visitors can still enjoy the majority of the estate.

Hughenden - a setting for film and TV

Hughenden Victorian staircase © Andreas von Einsiedel

Hughenden Victorian staircase

You may spot Hughenden on your TV screen or even in the cinema. We have a varied range of period locations indoor and outdoor to help set the scene for dramas and documentaries.

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