Woodland and parkland

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Autumn in the countryside

 Keep a watch out for birds of prey 

Keep a watch out for birds of prey

Our rangers are busy with the autumn work of keeping pathways clear of leaves and preparing for spring. For every season the wildlife and its backdrop provide interest that can change almost daily. 

Autumn in the parkland

One of the exciting pieces of artworks in situ © National Trust

One of the exciting pieces of artworks in situ

In autumn a riot of colour explodes as summer ebbs way and the wildlife prepares for winter.  The parkland art can still be seen until the end of October, sometimes looking more striking as the trees become barer and the leaves for carpets at their feet.

Outdoors with our ranger

Our ranger runs exciting activity days throughout the year. From wild food walks and woodland workouts to children's trail trackers and beast and butterfly spotting, there is truly something for everybody.