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Beauty throughout the changing seasons

Summer highlights

The Grecian Valley at Stowe © NTPL

The Grecian Valley at Stowe

Summer is a magical time at Stowe. Enjoy a brisk walk early in the morning for a sense of stillness and to hear the birds chattering away. As the trees begin to become full of leaves, they hide the landscape waiting to purposely surprise you as you walk down a winding path to a sudden break in the branches to lead your eye to a far off distant view. Walk a few minutes and to your delight you’re at that view that seemed so distant only a while ago. Stay late in the afternoon to see the sun glittering across the lakes and creating mystical reflections and shadows. It’s particularly special at the Ruin of the Cascades where two lakes join together. Wander off the beaten track and follow the grass paths to areas you may have missed before. Stowe is a place of picture-perfect views, winding woods, lakeside paths and magical temples which you can explore at your own pace as you leave the stresses of everyday life behind.