Our work

Bringing the castle to life

Sprucing up the sideboard during conservation in action

Sprucing up the sideboard during conservation in action

Now that we have an (almost) watertight roof  we can continue with our work in individual ground floor rooms and bring them back to life aided by photographs and paintings from the Potters, Rupert and Beatrix respectively.

Last autumn we started our work to restore the Morning Room to how it looked when Beatrix Potter and her family visited, beginning with the fireplace tiles.

We've also been working on an old sideboard that was lurking dusty and unloved, doing the conservation work in front of the public and getting them to help. It's looking much better.

Castle repairs

Demonstrating just how tricky this castle can be, the recent wet weather has shown up a few leaks in our roof even after all of last winter's work.

So our builders will return this winter for another round in the battle between the castle and the weather, but with a lot less scaffolding this time.

Revealing wonderful tiles

Our Tile Conservator Lynne painstakingly removed the old paint and gave us back a wonderfully decorated fireplace right at the heart of this lovely room.

A glimpse of the Morning Room work

Visit Wray Castle to see the final result of Lynne the conservator's work. Above is one tile section part way through the conservation process; none of us guessed it would all be so lovely.