Our work

Revealing wonderful tiles

Our Tile Conservator Lynne painstakingly removed several layers of old paint and gave us back a wonderfully decorated fireplace right at the heart of this lovely room. Watch the clip above to see the work in progress.

The end result

Visit Wray Castle to see the final result of Lynne the conservator's work.

The close up above, shows one tile part way through the conservation process; none of us guessed it would look so lovely.

We hope to complete the restoration work on the remaining hearth tiles in late 2014.

Super sideboard

Sprucing up the sideboard during conservation in action

As well as restoring the beautiful tiles in the morning room, we've also been working on an old sideboard that was lurking dusty and unloved in a back room of the castle.

This imposing Victorian piece is now looking loved again and is housed in the castle building room, the former dining room of Wray Castle.

The castle building room has also undergone a major transformation over the winter; layers of old carpet and glue were painstakingly stripped back and the original oak floor boards brought back to life again.

Castle repairs

Part of the complex roof structure at Wray Castle

Part of the complex roof structure at Wray Castle

Recent visitors to Wray Castle might have noticed that we left out one wall when decorating the central hall, landings and main tower over the winter. This was due to an ongoing leak around the large window above the Billiard Room door, which had proved extremely difficult to fix.

Fingers crossed we have now solved this problem by re-slating this area of roof, removing the cementitious pointing and render from the inside of the parapet walls and extending some of the lead flashings around the base of the parapet. Now all we need is some rain!