Eating & shopping

Christmas shopping

A wide range of Christmas gifts, don’t let Christmas shopping be a chore

Our shops are stocked with Christmas gifts from stocking fillers to traditional tree decorations, winter cards, calendars, local food and winter warmers like ginger wine.

Feeling hungry?

In our Timber yard cafe we serve the much loved Cornish pasties, breakfast butties, fresh homemade sandwiches and, what no National Trust place would be complete without, a marvellous cake selection.

Art deco range

The glamourous age of the Charleston

Step into the roaring twenties with our new range of art deco style products. A fantastic range of souvenirs, books, food and music all with connections to the glamourous age of the Charleston.

Lyme Bay fruit wines

Why not treat yourself to a bottle of fruit wine? Made at Lyme Bay Winery in Dorset, there are lots of flavours to choose from including our best seller, ginger.

Lyme Park venison

You can buy Lyme Park venison for cooking at home from the Ale Cellar restaurant, pop in and ask for venison sausages, casserole steaks or venison mince.

Love Mr Darcy?

Lyme Park took the guise of Pemberley in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. You will find lots of Mr Darcy souvenirs in the hall shop including bags, cushions and mugs as well as lots of Pride and Prejudice themed books.