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Recently discovered family film from the 1920s

This is just a snippet of the cinefilm made by the Legh family in the 1920s and 1930s. The memories you can hear are from an interview with Mrs Priscilla Fryer, formerly the fourth Lady Newton. These beautiful sounds and images reveal Lyme as a place full of activity, fun and love.

Dogs in the garden on selected dates

This year dogs will be welcome to enjoy Lyme's garden on the second weekend of each month. Last year was a great success, which is why we have extended the trial into 2015.

New School Room

Quill pen writing in the school room

This Year we have opened Lyme’s schoolroom for the first time. Find out about the skills an Edwardian lady was expected to learn including sewing, painting, writing, playing the piano and drawing, as well as the lessons they would have undertaken. 


Get more behind the scenes of the Village

Lyme Park starred as the 'big house' in the second series of the triple BAFTA nominated hit, 'The Village'. Visit Lyme and try and spot the filming locations around the House, Garden and Park.