Top books for 2020

Looking for a literary gift for a friend, an inspirational book for family or searching for a new book to get stuck into? We have books for everyone. There are wildlife books to connect your kids to nature; cookbooks to inspire you in the kitchen; poetry collections; and gardening guides to get your garden blooming.

To help you choose, we’ve complied a list of the best books of 2020, as decided by our very own bookworms.

New retail book for 2020, find out how to feel good all year round

A Breath of Fresh Air 

Be inspired to think differently, try new things and embrace each season with this inspirational book. It’ll help you to make time for the people you love, do things you enjoy and tune into nature. This is the perfect book for finding inner contentment and joy in today’s busy world.

New book for 2020, cover shows drawing illustrations of the National Trusts three founders

The Three Founders of the National Trust 

Unlock the past of Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Hardwicke Rawnsley with this book full of fascinating history. Discover how they came around to preserving lands of natural beauty and houses of historic interest for the nation’s use and enjoyment.

New retail book for 2020 which is about short 5 minute gardening tips to help create your garden

The 5 Minute Garden 

Discover how five-minutes a day is the secret to transforming your garden into a beautiful bloom. Packed full of useful tips and tricks to do throughout the year from chopping to nurturing and creating a garden project, fall in love with your garden one petal at a time.

New book for 2020, cover shows films and series where the National Trust has been featured

National Trust on Screen 

From lavish costume dramas to epic fantasies, the historic houses, beaches and stunning landscapes of the National Trust have been chosen as backdrops by some of the world’s most famous directors. Go behind the scenes of some of the most iconic film and TV moments in this fact-filled book.

New children's sticker book 2020 packed with springtime scenes

Getting Ready for Spring 

Keep your little ones busy with this gorgeous children’s sticker book full of beautiful springtime scenes. With a gentle rhyming story and a checklist at the end for ticking off special spring details from the book, it’s the perfect way for little ones to countdown to spring.

" I am particularly excited about the list of new books we’re publishing in 2020. It's time to find a quiet corner and a comfy chair to settle down in to read one of these good books. "
- Katie Bond, National Trust Publisher

Also new for 2020

New book for 2020 about 100 short runs on National Trust land

Short Runs in Beautiful Places

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner looking for some relaxing routes, look no further than this book which features 100 short runs on National Trust land. Discover a range of routes up to 10 miles long across vast countryside, though ancient woodlands and over coastlines with uninterrupted sea views. Available in March.