Ardress House

Ardress House in Co.Armagh

17th-century house with elegant 18th-century decoration and a traditional farmyard

Ardress House

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Ardress House

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A family talk as they walk through the garden at Ardress

Lady's Mile 

The Lady’s Mile is a circular walk bordering part of the 100 acre estate of Ardress. It was planted in the 1800’s by the Ensor family and while oak predominates, ash, beech, lime, horse chestnut, sycamore and Scot’s pine trees are also present.

Ardress House


A common pipistrelle bat, one of the eight species found in Northern Ireland

Bat spotting in Northern Ireland  

Everything you need to know about bats in Northern Ireland, including where to spot them and how to identify them.

Ardress House

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Frizzells Cottage, new lease of life

The Restoration of Frizzell's Cottage 

When people think of the National Trust they often picture rolling countryside and grand estates, but the reality is that as a conservation charity we look after a rich variety of places and spaces, from coast to countryside, to traditional cottages and ancient monuments, such as Frizzell’s Cottage.

Ardress House

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Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Ardress House on the National Trust Collections website