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A rugged coastline in summer with a calm sea
A view of the coastline at Froward Point, Devon | © National Trust Images/David Noton


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A group of silhouettes of Second World War era soldiers can be seen against a colourful sky at dawn with orange light reflecting from light clouds.

Stowe Gardens will be the UK host for D-Day art installation 

A memorial installation to soldiers killed in the D-Day landing on 6 June 1944 will be coming to the UK for exhibition in September where it can be seen in full for the first time.

Three ladies sitting in chairs face a huge tapestry. They are sewing the lower border onto the tapestry which shows a biblical scene from the story of Gideon

Hardwick tapestry wins a major conservation award 

The conservation of a set of tapestries which took 24 years and cost £1.7 million to complete has won recognition from a major international heritage award.

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