The view from the top of Claremont's amphitheatre in winter

Our cause

Sunset on the beach at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex

About the National Trust in 2020 

In 2020 we're celebrating our 125th anniversary. We’re carrying on the ambition set out by our founders to care for nature, beauty and history. Here’s a reminder of what we’re here for and how the values of our founders are still at the heart of everything we do.

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Woden heart in a field of sheep

Show the love for nature 

We're a member of the Climate Coalition and support the annual Show the Love campaign to highlight the impact of climate change on the special places we all care about.

A lone puffin on a rock in the Farne Islands, Northumberland

How we're tackling climate change 

Climate change is the single biggest threat to the places we care for. Find out how we're adapting to unpredictable weather patterns, reducing carbon emissions and restoring the damage that has already been done.

A waterfall at Stickle Ghyll, Cumbria


Discover how hydropower has not only shaped our industrial past also has a key role to play in building a greener future.

How we're helping

 Sunrise in the woodlands at Fell Foot, Cumbria

Help protect the trees that protect us 

Trees are our natural armour in the battle against climate change. By looking after existing woodlands and planting new trees, we can grow a cleaner future together. Help protect the trees that protect us and donate to our Woodlands appeal today.

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Llanfairpwll, Anglesey

Enchanting mansion and gardens, with spectacular views of Snowdonia. A whole day of things to see and do.

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Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

An Italianate Palace in the heart of Suffolk

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Dover, Kent

Magnificent coastal site overlooking the English Channel

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