A Ranger at Penrose working in the woodlands

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Common Blue Butterfly

2016: A review of the year's weather and wildlife 

Bee and butterfly numbers have slumped after 2016 brought a tenth year of unsettled weather. Grass grew at an extraordinary rate - good news for farmers making hay and silage, but bad for the insects that rely on patches of bare ground to breed.

View towards the Menai Strait, Gwynedd, North Wales

Planning at a national level 

We look after a quarter of a million hectares of land, 775 miles of coastline, and thousands of archaeological monuments and historic buildings.

A Gatekeeper butterfly at Nymans

The State of Nature report 2016 

We've teamed up with over 50 other nature organisations to produce the latest State of Nature report which reveals that over half of UK species have declined over recent decades.

Wicken Fen - Lapwing close up

Where have all the lapwings gone? 

Our wildlife and the lives of future generations are at risk unless we change the way we farm our land. Peter Nixon, our director of land, landscape and nature, explains why.

What we're doing
Girl with a frog in her hand

Connecting children with nature 

We're working to help a new generation of children discover the outdoors.

A walker enjoys the view from Castle Crag in the Lake District


It’s only with your support that we can look after the places that make our world a bit more special.