A bumblebee flies towards a yellow iris with a lake and temple in the background

Our cause

For everyone, for ever

Protecting nature, beauty and history

Caring for trees

How you're helping to plant trees

Our ambition to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030 is progressing at pace thanks to your support. After you helped us raise almost £500,000 through our plant a tree campaign, we've been able to plant thousands of young saplings across the UK. We've also identified sites for a further 1.5 million trees to be planted during the next two years. Watch this video to find out how you've supported tree planting at Conygree Farm on the Sherborne Park Estate in Gloucestershire.

Conservation and discovery

Tackling climate change
Climate change hazard map showing overheating and humidity 2020-2060

New climate change hazard map 

We’ve developed a hazard map that illustrates the threat climate change poses to the places we care for. The map is the first of its kind and identifies six key hazard areas. Take a look at the map and discover some of the other ways we're tackling climate change.

Exploring culture and heritage

" As a charity we appreciate your support now more than ever in these difficult times. Over the past year it’s become clear just how much we all need fresh air, open space and beauty. Your donation today will help look after all our special places for everyone, for ever."
- Lydia Lee, National Trust Fundraising Director

Looking after special places