Rainy day fun

Finding out what's hiding in the drawers at Coleridge Cottage

Looking for ways to keep busy when there's water, water everywhere? Read on for some ideas of how to spend a wet weekend at Coleridge Cottage…

Learn how to write with a quill

In the 18th century, writing was done with quill pens. Made from goose or turkey feathers, these took a lot of practice to use. You can have a go at writing with a quill and ink in the Interpretation Room, and take your creation home with you or pin it on the board for everyone to see.

Smell the spices in Sara’s Kitchen

Why not pull on a mob cap and an apron and discover what the Georgians used to eat. Real spices and herbs from the garden fill the air with the smells of an 18th century kitchen.

Dress up like a Georgian

In the Second Parlour, Bedroom, and Garden Room you can pull on a coat, bonnet, or waistcoat, and find out what it’s like to wear Georgian clothes

Follow the trail

The ‘Signs of Spring' trail will be running until the 15th of April, where you can hunt for signs that spring is here for a chance to win a prize.