Speltham Down

Speltham Down, Hampshire

Speltham Down in Hampshire is a down surrounded by veteran beech trees. Sheep graze here, and there are great views across the countryside.

Here at Speltham Down, flat pastures become a steep down where you can take in views as your climb the slope.

It's a timeless and tranquil place, perfect for a quiet walk. There's a carpet of cowslips in spring, and orchids pop up in the summer. It's also a good spot for butterfly spotting as they fly across the chalk downland. You might also get a glimpse of owls, buzzards, deer and badgers on a walk.

The sheep play their part in maintaining the meadow by grazing it for us. Look out for the lambs leaping about in spring.

Responsible dog walking

You're very welcome to walk your dog on Speltham Down, but please keep your dog on a lead all year round, and take any dog waste home with you.

" A place where you can follow the changing seasons of nature - a carpet of cowslips in the spring, seeking out the orchids in summer."
- Sue and Sam Lake, local residents