Allen Banks is partially re-open

A group of people walking at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

Welcome to Allen Banks, come on in...

Now, it's not quite the same as before. There are still some paths closed and inaccessible areas, however, we don't think you'll be disappointed, there are still plenty of places to explore using the routes in place.

You can access areas of the woodland using the diverted (and very safe) routes in place. There are options to go via the east side of the river into Morralee Woods, or venture to the Tarn and continue downstream to Plankey Mill and into Staward Gorge.

We owe a big thank you to the Catholic Trust and to their tenant, who has granted access across the main field leading to the woods.

With this in mind, please help us to keep him happy; if you're visiting with a doggy in tow, please keep them on their leads until you're past the farmers' fields, carry poo bags with you and pick up after your dogs. There are bins around the car park.

Plus, we couldn't do it without National Trust volunteers who have worked alongside the rangers to repair the less damaged routes, put in the diversions and close the unsafe areas.

We were forced to close Allen Banks after storms in December 2015 and January 2016 devastated much of the North East and North West. In Allen Banks record rain levels caused wide scale damage along the valley with the loss of many footpaths, Victorian planted trees and the “wobbly” bridge, which remains absent.

A 300m landslide on the West side of the river, through Walks Wood has destabilised all three of the paths and is so extensive that this area of the site remains closed. On top of this, areas in Morralee Woods were damaged by rock falls and erosion and the East riverside path was destroyed.

We're pleased to say that there has been some good news since the site has been closed. The wildlife has sprung into action; deer, red squirrels, otters and an array of woodland birds have been spotted by the rangers on a more regular basis.

Just nearby the car park there are picnic benches and some grass, perfect for a chill out. 

Bring along your favourite snacks and enjoy a picnic at Allen Banks
A family enjoy a picnic on a sunny day at Allen Banks
Bring along your favourite snacks and enjoy a picnic at Allen Banks

Car park charges apply to non-members. Car park costs £2 for half a day / £4 for a full day. Free to National Trust members.