Dogs at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

Fly the dog lying in the leaves at Allen Banks

Allen Banks really is for the whole family, including little legs and four-legged friends too.

Of course we're biased but Allen Banks really is doggy heaven. There are sticks and plenty of ground to cover! And because many of us are dog owners ourselves we understand the importance of being able to take them out for the day. Here, they're always welcome, there's just a few little pointers that would really help us out....

Doggy etiquette:

Please help us keep the countryside a safe, healthy and enjoyable place for you and your dog, other visitors, wildlife and livestock:

  • Please when walking through farmers' fields, keep your dog on a lead.

  • Once in the woodland, always keep your dog in sight and under control.

  • Never let your dog chase wildlife or farm animals.

  • Observe local notices when you’re out and about.

  • Please, please, please, always pick up after your dog. We ask that if your dog fouls, particularly in car parks, on paths and by picnic spots, you pick up and remove the mess. There are dedicated dog mess bins where you can dispose of it. We'd really appreciate all the help we can get.

Bring the dogs for a great walk in the woods
Couple walking two dogs on forest path
Bring the dogs for a great walk in the woods