Part of Allen Banks will be temporarily closed until 8 October

A path through the woodland

From Friday 28 September until Monday 8 October part of Allen Banks will be closed so that the ranger team can undertake necessary woodland management work using a mulcher

The area that will be closed is the Tarn and top of Morralee wood. The rest of the site will be open, so you will be able to complete the circular walk from Allen Banks car park to Plankey Mill and access all of the West side of the River as normal.

We are closing the site to undertake rhododendron control with a mulching machine. Rhododendron was brought to this country by Victorian plant hunters as they explored the world bringing home never seen before plants, flowers and trees. A status symbol of the time would be having some of the new found exotics growing on your estate and there’s little doubt Susan Davidson would’ve been keen to show off her rhododendrons to her visitors. Fast forward a couple of centuries though and this evergreen shrub is now a major problem as it shades out lots of our native woodland flora and prevents trees setting seed and regenerating.

Rhododendron is a difficult plant to control and we use a variety of methods to keep on top of it, including cutting, chipping, burning and now mulching. The mulcher will help us speed up how quickly we can reduce the rhododendron helping open up the wood for the benefit of both people and wildlife.