The 'wibbly wobbly' bridge

A black and white image of the original Victorian suspension bridge

After the floods in May 2013 washed away the wobbly bridge, a fundraising campaign successfully raised over £100,000 to rebuild it in November 2014.

The ‘save the wobbly bridge’ campaign was launching in January and the support from the public, partners and private donations, was overwhelming.
To fix the bridge and retain its character the work included re-pointing the abutments, installing new cables, adding new decking and repairing the footpath en route from the car park.
The bridge has been raised 300mm to help reduce the risk of similar damage happening again. Future plans also include re-surfacing the footpath south of the bridge and some stepping stones in the River Allen.
The bridge and surrounding footpaths were badly damaged by floods in May 2013, when trees and other debris got tangled in the bridge after being washed downstream.