Things to see and do at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

Two children take a dip in the River

From stargazing to woodland walks and wildlife spotting there's plenty to do here.

Look up to the sky and see...

We've been awarded Dark Sky Status, which means that on a clear evening if you stand next to the car park at the entrance of Allen Banks there should be fantastic views of a starry sky - perfect for a spot of star gazing.
Read about Northumberland's dark skies

Enjoy the surroundings

Our woodland was the vision of Susan Davidson, who we like to call our very own Wonder Woman. She worked very hard to create the paths around the woodland and plant trees to make Allen Banks what it is today, a very special place for all of us lucky folk to enjoy.

Bring your dog for a day out

Whatever the weather we know a few furry animals who never let the elements dictate an outing!
Make it a fab day for your dog; let them run wild, hunt for sticks, hop over logs, then go for a cooling splash in the River Allen. It's like their very own '50 Things'.

Look out for wildlife living here

Allen Banks is home to a wide range of wildlife. It's a haven for nature and wildlife here.
Don't be fooled, despite their illusiveness they’re certainly here, keep your eyes open for red squirrels, badgers, deers, birds and more.

Visit the summerhouse

Lovingly restored by the National Trust, the "summerhouse", is a perfect spot to chill and admire the views.
Head out for some fresh air, follow the walking path to the right and go up a steep hill and you will arrive here.

Read Lawrence Hewer's poems

Look out for four benches sporting a plaque with a poem on it. Written by Lawrence Hewer, who worked for the National Trust for 30 years as Head Warden on Hadrian’s Wall Country, his love of the natural world is evident through his wonderful poems.
Man and girl looking on cotton bag in field

Finish your 50 Things list

Tackle some of your 50 Things to do before you're 11¾ activities as you explore our special place. Download this map and see where on our estate you can complete the challenges