Walking at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

A group of people walking at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

With miles of waymarked paths and wonderful scenery, this is the place to go for a walk. Enjoy the woodland, hearing the sounds of wildlife and the peaceful trickling of the River Allen.

Walking at Allen Banks

The woodland at our special place is all thanks to our very own wonder-woman Susan Davidson who worked hard to create the paths and develop this extensive wild garden for all to enjoy.

Allen Banks woodland walk

This is a wonderful 2.5m (50 minute) woodland walk. Here you'll encounter wildflowers, fungi and hopefully some wonderful wildlife.
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Bardon Mill Station to Allen Banks

Arrive in style by venturing nearby the River Tyne, listening to wildlife and admiring the open countryside while en-route to Allen Banks
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The geology

Allen Banks has a fascinating geological story to tell – tropical seas and deltas, molten rock, glaciers and river processes as well as subtle inprints of an industrial past.
These walks show off the landscape and allow you to learn more about its history.

Wildflowers and pond life

We've a great variety of wildflowers and pond life here, why not spend the day outdoors learning about the wildflowers in the woodland as well as the fungi. An essential for a family outing.

Need more time?

We have three fantastic holiday cottages, all under Dark Skies, found alongside Hadrian's Wall, if you need more time to venture around this wonderful area why not stay for longer?
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We love creatures of all shapes and sizes, especially the dog kind and Allen Banks is the ideal place to let your canine friends really run wild... we think of it as 'doggy heaven'.


There's nothing better than stopping off for a little rest and a bite to eat. You can walk to The Cart's Bog Inn or alternatively visit Housesteads Visitor Centre for some snacks.