Woodlands appeal

Trees play a vital role in nature, the climate and our wellbeing — however, the UK's woodland is in decline. By working together, we can help restore it for future generations. Donate today and help create and protect more precious woodland

Autumn at Bodnant Garden, North Wales
Family walking in the woodland at Castle Ward, County Down

Give woodlands a brighter future

Trees are our natural armour in the battle against climate change. However, many of the UK's ancient woodlands have disappeared and what tree cover is left is now falling at an alarming rate. This is having a devastating impact on wildlife, landscape and the climate.

More needs to be done to protect woodlands. If we act now, together we can regenerate much of what's been lost. That's why we're aiming to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030, as well as continuing to care for our existing woodland. By donating today you'll help create and protect more precious woodlands for future generations.

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Group tree planting at Quarry Bank
£25 could plant five saplings and help to grow precious woodlands for the future
£50 could help us restore footpaths and create multi-use trails in our woodlands, so they can be enjoyed by everyone forever
 Visitors enjoying an autumnal walk beneath the autumn trees on the estate at Hardwick, Derbyshire
Red squirrel with nut at Allan Bank, Cumbria
£250 could help us care for our woodland habitats, benefiting important wildlife such as red squirrels and ancient woodland plants
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Did you know?

  • Out of the UK's remaining woodland just 7% is in a good ecological state
  • The UK is the least wooded country in Europe
  • Since 1970 41% of all species are in decline
" A single tree will remove pollutants from the atmosphere and provide a home for millions of birds, insects and mammals. So just imagine what 20 million new trees could do for the environment, native wildlife and our wellbeing."

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Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we are dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and human history so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our conservation projects range from preserving the historic buildings in our care to protecting the plants and wildlife found in outdoor spaces. Your donation will allow us to act quickly, wherever the need is greatest at this special place, and do vital conservation work.

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