Kayaking from Morston Quay

Wooden jetty and boats moored on the tidal creeks and mudflats at Morston Quay, Blakeney National Nature Reserve, Norfolk

Enjoy Norfolk’s vast open landscape and big skies as you canoe or kayak through pristine saltmarsh.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be publishing two new canoeing trails, which will give both beginner and advanced paddlers a special tour of this National Nature Reserve habitat. Visit this page again soon for full trail details.

We want to ensure that all visitors to Morston have a safe and memorable experience. Please familiarise yourself with the local issues and hazards before taking to the water from Morston:


Launching should be from the hard and not the slipway, as this is reserved for trailing boats. 

Tide Times

Tide times and harbour information is on the Blakeney Harbour Association website and notice board. 

The harbour empties at low tide and it is not possible to paddle back into Morston at low tide.

There is a very strong tide race around Blakeney point and even a light prevailing wind causes the sea state to become quite choppy and even rough in stronger winds against the tide. 

Active Harbour

Due to only being able to launch in a restricted tidal window, the harbour can become very busy in the hours just before and after high tide, when lots of commercial and pleasure craft use it. Kayaks and paddleboards must keep clear of manoeuvring boats.

Also note that there is a speed restriction for boats inside the harbour, but not passed the speed limit beacon, and paddlers can be to difficult to see as they sit low in the water. 

Seal Colony

Please kayak responsibly and keep your distance from the seals. These are wild animals and they need their space. Seals around the harbour should not be disturbed as they may take to the water causing their pups to drown if they follow their parents.

The best way to get close and personal to the seals on Blakeney Point is to book a trip on one of the locally operated ferry trips departing from Morston Quay.

Don't forget to bring your binoculars, as there are lots of wildlife-spotting opportunities across the marshes and scrub!

Common Seals and Sandwich Terns at Blakeney Point

Seeing the seals at Blakeney Point

Seal watching is a favourite pastime in Norfolk and you can visit the seals on Blakeney Point by hopping on a seal boat trip from Morston Quay.