Responsible seal viewing...

Young seal pup

Disturbance is a major issue for the seals and can lead to abandonment or crushing of the pups which can be fatal. Here’s how you can help to minimise disturbance:

We recommend the best way to view the seal pups is by taking a boat from Morston Quay. During the pupping season there are two companies operating seal trips:

Beans Boats Trips - 01263 740505 or 01263 740038

Temples Seal Trips - 01263 740791

If you wish to walk out to the colony then please follow the recommended walking route along Blakeney Point (3 miles one-way on loose shingle) as shown on the map - there are no facilities available.

Please respect fence lines and any advice given by National Trust.

We would prefer dogs to be left at home but if you wish to bring them then we ask that they are kept on short leads at all times.

Please do not try to take your photo with any seals as mothers are protective and males are very territorial which could result in serious injury to you or the death of a pup.