Volunteer profile: meet Richard Porter

three men leaning over a table painting little tern decoys

Richard Porter started volunteering with the National Trust in 2002 and has contributed thousands of hours to the countryside team at Blakeney National Nature Reserve. Here is his volunteering story.

Name: Richard Porter

Career background: over 50 years (and counting) in conservation and ornithology.

How long have you volunteered with the National Trust? 18 years

Volunteer role(s): Helping the rangers on Blakeney Point 

What do you get up to as a volunteer? Bird, butterfly and plant surveys and some wardening; acting as eyes and ears for the National Trust.

Sandwich Terns on Blakeney Point
A group of Sandwich Terns standing on shingle
Sandwich Terns on Blakeney Point

Why did you start volunteering with the National Trust? Blakeney Point is my spiritual home.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the National Trust? Having a laugh and gossip with the rangers, the juicier the better…

Most special volunteering moment: Just too many.

Favourite National Trust place and why: simply, Blakeney Point, which is close to my home. To quote from Richard Loev, in his discussions on travel to far-flung lands, whilst forgetting the wonderful places on our doorstep, ‘Near is the new Far’.

Richard Porter, May 2019.

Blakeney Point Lifeboat House
Dramatic view of Blakeney Point Lifeboat house
Blakeney Point Lifeboat House

You can join Richard Porter and learn more about Blakeney Point by joining his guided Blakeney Point; Flora & Fauna Walk on Sunday 30 June between 9.30am and 1pm. To learn more or to book please click here. Booking essential.

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