Walking your dog on Blakeney Point

a couple walking dogs on a beach

The majority of the breeding birds on Blakeney Point are ground-nesting and particularly susceptible to disturbance. Many are of conservation importance and to help their success a number of dog restrictions are put in place for the duration of the breeding season. We ask that you obey these restrictions and help us look after these special birds.

There are dog restrictions in place on Blakeney Point from 1 April until 15 August each year for the duration of the ground-nesting bird breeding season.

Blakeney Point Dog Restrictions Map
Colour drawn map of Blakeney National Nature Reserve with dog restrictions shown

During this period you can only walk your dog in two areas on Blakeney Point; the area shaded green near to Cley beach (not National Trust), and if you have arrived by boat the yellow shaded area near to the Lifeboat House (please refer to the map and key). Restrictions do not apply to assistance dogs.

The beginning of the dog restriction zone is marked with signs along the width of the beach. Please obey any signs you come across.
In areas outside of the dog restriction zone we do sometimes still have ground nesting birds and we will fence off these areas. These include Avocets and Little Terns both of which are Schedule 1 protected species and disturbing them, even unintentionally, is a prosecutable offence. Please stay as far away from the fence lines as possible to avoid disturbance to these birds.
A little tern landing on Blakeney Point
Little tern coming in to land on a shingle beach

For more information on walking your dog on Blakeney Point please download and view our dog walking leaflet below.