What to do if you find a lone seal pup...

Blakeney Seal pup

A seal pup on its own may not necessarily mean it has been abandoned or is in distress. Here is some advice to help you decide if a seal needs help or should be left:

Pups are occasionally left by their mothers for short times and this is perfectly normal. The pup may also cry whilst it is left which may sound distressing to you but they are perfectly fine. The most important thing to remember is to always keep your distance and not approach any seals as this can cause unnecessary stress.

Up until the pups are three weeks of age they are covered in white downy fur. During this time they are not ready to swim so please do not try to encourage them back into the water.

A young grey seal pup on Blakeney Point
very young snowy white grey seal pup on Blakeney Point

The pups naturally moult their white fur at around three weeks which can leave them looking a bit patchy - this is perfectly normal.

Seal pups naturally moult their white fur after three weeks of age
a moulting seal pup with tufty fur

Sometimes pups will move or be born outside of the fenced areas and weaned pups will often be found resting along the Point. Please do not approach them.

Weaned grey seal pup on Blakeney Point
Weaned grey seal pup

If a seal is bleeding from or has a visible injury then please speak to a member of National Trust staff or call 07810 154856. Please keep your distance and do not attempt to move any seal yourself.