Things to see and do at Bookham Commons

Pond at Bookham Commons Surrey

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore our many footpaths and bridleways. Discover tranquil ponds and peaceful, secret glades. If you approach quietly you might see roe deer, rabbits, butterflies or birds.

Kids' adventures

Dress in old clothes - splash in puddles, get muddy, run, jump and explore. Fallen trees are great for balancing on and playing hide and seek. Pick up sticks and make a den or look out for mini beasts creeping by.
Why not visit our natural play area (off the main path from the Tunnel car park to the Isle of Wight pond)?

Walk our family trail

Join us for a gentle walk around the commons - pick up our leaflet and follow the blue route. At a gentle pace, little legs will be on the go for about two hours...
Download our family trail (PDF / 4.1943359375MB) download

Sensory highlights

Listen to our tuneful birds, including the nightingales in May, and smell the honey-scented flowering blackthorn. On a summer’s evening be engulfed by the sweet, exquisite scent of honeysuckle. And listen to bats flittering to and fro, harvesting a rich crop of flying insects along the woodland fringes.

Get fit and feel invigorated

Our surfaced tracks are perfect for all-year-round exertions: training runs or gentle jogging.
In dry periods the footpaths are suitable, too. Though it’s always wise to watch out for rabbit or badger digging, pot-holes or slippery clay on any of the tracks – nature is subject to constant change..

Horse-riding and cycling

Our network of surfaced public bridleways and permissive horse rides are perfect for exploring on four legs or two wheels.
Please follow the waymarked blue arrows to avoid damaging the delicate soils on unsurfaced paths, which are vital for the protection of our rare wild flowers.

Enjoy a picnic

There are many beautiful spots to throw down a rug and enjoy a picnic close to nature. Sit overlooking the ponds on Hollows path, beside the ancient oaks next to Kelsey’s pond, the grassy glades on Eastern Plain, or listen to nightingales in May on Western Plain.

Try something new

Bookham Commons is a great location for walking (flat terrain but can be wet under foot), cycling, horse riding and geocaching. Or take things slower and enjoy a picnic, paint a favourite view or bring a book to read.

For your dog

Dogs love to run and play on our commons and we like to see them having fun too - there’re lots of exciting paths to sniff and explore. Please keep your hound on the lead if you see livestock grazing.
Don’t forget to use the doggy waste bins at Tunnel car park and near Merritt’s Cottage.

Come bird watching

Bring your binoculars and see what you can find... Bookham Commons is a haven for many birds from homely robins and blackbirds to herons and wild ducks. Find out more about the birds at Bookham.

Marvel at our butterflies

In the summer the commons are buzzing with butterflies. Silver-washed fritillaries patrol along rides in June and July, and white admirals gracefully glide over bramble flowers. And, if you’re very lucky, a magnificent purple emperor might swoop down near you on a warm summer morning in July.

Don't miss

  • our natural play area
  • Bookham's family trail
  • super spots for watching wildlife
  • peaceful walks through woodlands
  • tranquil ponds to sit beside and admire nature
  • flower-rich ancient pasture with shrub communities abundant with birds

Download our property map

Find out about the landscapes that await you on Bookham Commons... From shady, mysterious oakwoods, to open grassland plains, marshy ponds and wetlands, to wet heathland and wood pasture.