Things to see and do at Borthwood Copse

Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding young at nest hole

Borthwood Copse changes with the seasons and is a lovely place to walk at any time of year. Why not explore this wonderful site yourself? It’s a great place to celebrate the great outdoors.

The wood

It used to be part of a much larger medieval hunting forest in which the landscape would have been more open like parts of the New Forest. The wood features traditional coppice management of hazel and sweet chestnut.

See a red squirrel

Why not try our red squirrel walk? This 1¼-mile walk takes you through the beautiful ancient woodland of Borthwood Copse, an excellent place to spot red squirrels throughout the year. In spring the woodland floor is carpeted with bluebells. Red squirrels are most active and visible in autumn.

Bird watching

The ancient woodland of Borthwood Copse is home to a number of birds typical of woodlands. Keep your eyes open and you should find goldcrests and woodpeckers as well as more common species.
Across the Isle of Wight, we have many different habitats, from sea to estuary to high downland. There is so much to see and hear.

Come for a walk

We've created a 1¼-mile (2km) self-guided trail around the ancient woodland here, with a good chance of seeing our red squirrels. Elsewhere on the island we offer coastal and inland walks.
Come walking on the Isle of Wight

Dog walking

Borthwood Copse isn't very large, but it has a maze of paths and lots of interest for you and your dog. No walk is ever the same.
We also have many other places on the Isle of Wight that are ideal for dog walking.
Dog walking on the Isle of Wight

Butterfly spotting

The copse is home to many woodland butterfly species. They include the white admiral, silver-washed fritillary, speckled wood and purple hairstreak.
We offer many different habitats across the Isle of Wight. They suit a wide variety of butterflies, including some less common ones. Here are some of our favourite locations.
Butterfly spotting across the island

Borthwood wildflowers

Borthwood Copse comes alive with flowers before the leaves of the trees take up the light. Wood anemones and bluebells are especially good here.
Wildflowers abound across the Isle of Wight, and we take special care to manage their habitats. Here are some other locations to try.
Where else to go wildflower spotting on the Isle of Wight

If you go down to the woods today

It's not just teddy bears that like a picnic in the woods. Borthwood has a number of open glades with fallen logs, waiting to be enjoyed. Try to spot a squirrel while you eat.
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The Isle of Wight is perfect for picnics

Don't miss

  • look out for carpets of bluebells under the oaks in May
  • listen for the chirring of wood crickets on the edge of sunny glades
  • red squirrels are most active and visible in the autumn