Getting on the Helford River

a view of the Helford River in summer

Sheltered from the worst storms and with many places to explore, the Helford River is a great place to explore on the water. Here's some information for people looking to get afloat.

Launching a boat from Durgan

Durgan is a very small village with a single lane access road. Therefore we suggest only launching from here if you'd like to access this stretch of water. Otherwise it is easier from other local beaches and slipways. We ask all boat users to be considerate towards the residents of the village when taking their vehicles and boats into Durgan. All trailers and vehicles must be left in Bosveal car park 700 yards up the hill (£4 all day parking charge - free parking for National Trust members).

If you're keen to explore this stretch of water then you can launch from Durgan.

  • For a day launch permit you'll need to pay £2 for a kayak / canoe or £6 for other boats. Payment for a day launch can be made to a member of the team at the entrance building at Glendurgan Garden.
  • An annual launch permit from 1st April 2021 will cost £40. To apply for a permit, ring us on 01326 252020 or send us an email.

Storing a boat in Durgan

We offer a limited number of storage spaces for small boats in the village, covering the period from April to the end of October. There is no availability for storage for the 2021 season.

Storing boat equipment in Durgan

We offer a number of lockable storage spaces within the Fish Cellars at Durgan for boat users to store equipment such as anchors, oars or outboard engines. We don't allow storage of fuel.

There are presently no lockers available.

Moorings off Durgan

We don't operate any moorings on the Helford River, but you'll find information about visitor and seasonal moorings, together with a guide to services available to the visiting yachtsman, pilot information for the river, and some more general information about the river and local bye-laws from the Helford River Moorings website.

Supporting our work

As you head out onto the Helford River you can look back at the land around this lovely piece of water and know that your payment is helping us to look after the coastline in our care. As a charity independent of government we rely on various sources of income to look after the places we share.


Gylly Adventures offer kayak tours and paddleboard lessons and tours from Durgan.