Brownstone and Coleton Camp

Important notice -

Please note overnight camping is not permitted.

Rugged and captivating stretch of coast

Brownstone and Coleton Camp

Things to see and do

Visitors walking on the coast path

Coastal walks  

If you're love captivating views there's a variety of walks around Brownstone and Coleton Camp to choose from. From rugged coastline and hidden beaches to even one of the few remaining Second World War gun batteries in the UK.

Brownstone and Coleton Camp


Walker on the coast path at East Soar, Devon

Follow the Countryside Code 

With more people than ever enjoying our coast and countryside places, we’re asking for your help in looking after them during your visit. Please help us protect wildlife and landscapes by following the Countryside Code, which includes taking any litter home with you and not lighting a barbecue or campfire.

A young boy wildlife spotting in the countryside

Go wildlife watching at Brownstone and Coleton Camp 

Discover the best places to see seals, birds and butterflies in the area.

Brownstone and Coleton Camp

Our work

The Mewstone and the coast land around Froward Point

Caring for the English Riviera coast land 

The team of rangers have been caring for the coastal land between Newfoundland and Pudcombe coves by creating a mosaic of habitat. Find out why scrub clearing is an important way to care for the land and the creatures that thrive there.

Downs copse woods at Greenway, Devon

Felling at Longwood Noss plantation 

Longwood is an ancient oak woodland with an industrial past on the edge of the river Dart between Kingswear and Galmpton. Over the past year we undertook felling works to remove larch and Douglas fir. Read on to see the details and find out how this work will help nature.

Brownstone and Coleton Camp


The Coastwatch station at Froward Point in Devon

Brownstone Battery 

Brownstone Battery, not far from Coleton Fishacre, is one of the few surviving Second World War coastal defence positions. Hidden amongst the trees you'll come across a collection of fascinating buildings, including the gun and searchlight positions.