Bluebell spotting around Brownstone and Coleton Camp

Bluebells flowering in the garden at Coleton Fishacre

The sight of a swathe of bluebells is one of the highlights of late spring, and we are lucky enough to have a couple of areas around Brownstone and Coleton Camp where they can be seen.

Kelly's Cove

The countryside around this cove is a great place to see bluebells as well as primroses and violets. To get there, it's best to park at Brownstone car park, and then follow the footpath which parallels the roadside back towards Coleton Fishacre. Turn right to follow the public footpath through farmland to the South West coast path, turn right and continue downhill along the coast path to a wide clear area on right, where the bluebells should abound. This walk can be completed as a circular walk by carrying on along the coast path to Froward Point, then taking the old military road back uphill to return to the car park.


Coleton Fishacre and Pudcombe Cove

The garden at Coleton Fishacre is filled with bluebells in April and May. The wooded areas and Cathedral Bank are some of the best places to see them, as well as the bank in front of the house. A walk down through the centre of the garden leads to a gate to the South West Coast Path and the viewing point for Pudcombe Cove. This area is surrounded by woodland which is filled with bluebells in the spring. This area is also filled with three-cornered leek at this time of year, so the smell of wild garlic will be in the air.


Mill and Man Sands lanes

These country lanes leading to Man Sands beach are a joy to explore in the spring. The best way to get here is to park Man Sands car park. From the pedestrian gate at end of carpark turn left down the track, then right at bottom of hill; you will be on Mill Lane, from here continue to a T junction and turn right; this is Man Sands Lane. If you follow this lane to the end you will reach Man Sands beach. To get back to the car park, walk along the beach to the lime kiln at the opposite end, then take the track back uphill to the car park.