Building conservation

We protect historic buildings and buildings in the wider landscape. Our building conservation team works hard to ensure they are preserved for ever, for everyone using traditional conservation techniques

Farm buildings at Townend
Our biggest conservation challenges
Wellington Monument at sunset

Wellington Monument repaired after two-year project 

A memorial to the first Duke of Wellington, which stands high above the Somerset countryside is open to the public once more after a complex restoration project. £3.1m of repairs have restored the monument to a better condition than when first completed. At around 175 feet (53m) high, it is the tallest three-sided obelisk in the world.

Conserving our collections

Preserving history

Close view of part of carved armchair, late 18th century, giltwood and gesso, from the Drawing Room at Ickworth

Conservation tips on how to deal with insect pests 

Insects are essential to our ecosystem, indoors and out, but they’re not so welcome when flying out of wardrobes or eating your favourite woolly jumper or carpet! What can you do? Hilary Jarvis, one of the National Trust’s Assistant Preventive Conservators, shares some tips based on the latest findings and methods used in our historic houses to protect our collections, and reveals the most common pests of 2019.

Inspired by our interiors

Conservation in action during the winter clean

Protect the buildings and collections in our care 

We're committed to protecting and preserving our nation’s great houses and other historical buildings, as well as the arts and collections in our care. Give today and together, we can ensure our shared history continues to inspire us all.


Learn more about how we look after for the special places in our care and get a glimpse of some of the conservation projects we're working on at the moment.