Children & nature

We're on a mission to reconnect a generation of children with nature

Children climbing a tree in the grounds of Mottisfont, Hampshire.
A family toasting marshmallows over an open camp fire at Colby Woodland Garden, Pembrokeshire.

50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾  

Fancy exploring the outdoors, learning new skills and trying new things? Grab your gear and start your adventure.

" They learn to light fires, take part in campfire cooking and learn basic woodworking skills. When they see what they can achieve their reaction is very inspiring."
- Tom Burditt, General Manager, North Lakes
Children playing beside Derwentwater, Cumbria

Children need nature in their lives 

Our Natural Childhood report found that more children can identify a Dalek than a magpie. Nature's being exterminated from children's lives - now's the time to get it back.

Four girls play on a tyre swing at Springhill, County Londonderry

Places to play 

From muddy trails to woodland dens, there's plenty of outdoor fun for the children to discover at the places we look after. Here's our pick of the best natural play areas.

David Bond and Ivy

We can't reconnect children with nature alone 

We’re proud supporters in the Wild Network, on a mission to re-wild childhood. With our partners in the Network we supported Project Wild Thing, an award-winning documentary that follows father-of-two David Bond as he battles to get children like his own off the screens and into the wild.

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