50 things to do in the Chilterns Countryside

There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had with our list of 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Here's our 'Top Ten' that you can do at Chiltern Countryside. How many can you complete?

Two girls looking at a worm

50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ activity list 

Find out about all of the 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ activities with this handy list. From making a racket with a grass trumpet to crawling through the mud looking for animal tracks there's something for every young explorer.

A great tree to climb at Coombe Hill

1. Climb a tree

We have some great trees that almost invite you to climb them, such as this splendid beech tree at Coombe Hill. There are many good climbing trees at Bradenham too.

Hills at Bradenham

2. Roll down a really big hill

Watlington Hill, Bradenham and Coombe Hill have some great slopes you can roll down. Choose a grassy slope that's not too steep where there are no wild flowers, and make sure you can see where you will end up before you start you roll.

Den building

4. Build a den

Head to the woodlands at Bradenham, Low Scrubs, or Pulpit Hill, where you’ll find numerous fallen branches to build a perfect den. Choose a dry flat spot for the most solid build, and please only use branches that have already fallen from the trees.

Learn to fly a kite in Knole Park, Kent.

7. Fly a kite

You don’t need to be on a hilltop like Watlington Hill or Coombe Hill to fly a kite. There are plenty of windy areas at Bradenham too. Top tips – choose a breezy day, not strong winds or gales, and stay well away from trees and the monument at Coombe Hill.

Child building a woodland den

12. Make a trail with sticks

Pick up sticks, stones or fallen leaves and lay a trail for your family to follow. Please don’t pick sticks from living plants or trees though; there will be plenty of fallen ones.

Man and two children playing a grass trumpet

25. Make a grass trumpet

Find a wide blade of grass and hold as taught as you can between your two thumbs, take a deep breath then blow across the blade of grass which is held in the small gap between your thumbs – you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Coombe Hiill from below

28. Climb a huge hill

Put on your trainers and walk up one of our hills, and don’t forget to take a moment to admire the views when you reach the top. Coombe Hill, Watlington Hill and Pulpit Hill are quite steep – can you climb to the top of one of these hills without stopping? Top tip – take your time and remember Aesop's Fable about the tortoise and the hare.

Children looking at creatures captured in pots

31. Hunt for bugs

All of our sites are rich in wildlife, but they are not always easy to find. Bring a magnifying glass and search under stones and fallen branches, or on the bark of a fallen log. We leave logs on the ground deliberately to make homes for the bugs.


44. Go bird watching

All our Chiltern Countryside sites are havens for wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled and listen carefully for their calls. To get a closer look, take your binoculars and don't forget your camera for pictures. You are very likely to see a buzzard or one of our magnificent red kites. Top spots are Bradenham, Watlington Hill and Coombe Hill.

Girls holding a map and compass atop a hill

45. Find your way with a map and compass

Here in the UK we’re very lucky to have the Ordnance Survey – an organisation that produces accurate maps that can be used for navigation. Always work out where you are on the map before you even set off so you know you’re starting in the right place. It also helps if you hold the map the right way round.

Boy in safety helmet

Safety information for 50 things activities 

Safety is really important to us, and we've got lots of tips on how to become a 50 things expert safely for each of the activities. We've also added some general advice below and links to useful websites containing more information.