Autumn walks in the Chilterns Countryside

Taking a walk through woodlands and meadows in the Chilterns Countryside is particularly special in autumn as tree canopies become colourful mosaics, leaves crunch underfoot and weird and wonderful fungi appear from nowhere. You can explore the Chilterns Countryside at this special time using one of our self-guided walks; a great way to experience the very best of this magical time of year.

Autumn colours from Coombe Hill
Walking trail

The Best of Coombe Hill walk 

This gentle circular stroll around the plateau of Coombe Hill, offers you wide-reaching views across the Aylesbury Vale and Beacon Hill overlooking the yellows, golds and reds of autumn. The wide variety of trees on and around the hill, including beech, oak and cherry, all contribute to the autumnal spectacle.

Autumn colours at Coombe Hill
Walking trail

Coombe Hill Trees, Shrubs and Grass 

This short, colourful walk around the countryside of Coombe Hill and Low Scrubs takes a close look at one of our more unusual beech woodlands and some of the more notable trees and other plants that have populated this landscape. It also explains how the National Trust and its volunteers work to conserve them.

Autumn at Pulpit Hill
Walking trail

Coombe Hill and Chequers trail 

This moderately energetic circular walk starts with panoramic views across the autumnal colours of the Aylesbury Vale and grounds of the Prime Minister’s country retreat at Chequers. It then descends to the village of Ellesborough, eventually taking you to the Iron Age fort at Pulpit Hill in its setting of colourful beechwoods.

Autumn at Low Scrubs
Walking trail

Low Scrubs: A Walk in Time 

This short way-marked walk takes you around Low Scrubs, with is a feast of colours and its carpets of fallen leaves in the autumn. The dense, dark woodland and the relics of its ancient use give the area a unique and mysterious atmosphere.

Cattle grazing at Grangelands Nature Reserve
Walking trail

Pulpit Hill and the Grangelands & Rifle Butts Nature Reserve 

This is a short walk offering colourful and panoramic autumn views across the Chiltern Escarpment and the Aylesbury Vale. The bright red leaves and berries of the wild guelder rose bushes and dogwood at Grangelands are an autumn spectacle.

Autumn colours at Bradenham Village
Walking trail

Bradenham countryside trail 

This is a short walk around the Buckinghamshire village of Bradenham and neighbouring meadows offers great views of classic Chiltern beechwoods in all their autumn glory.

Autumn colours at Bradenham
Walking trail

Bradenham beech woods and bunkers trail 

This is a medium length walk in the colourful beech woodlands and meadows of the Bradenham Manor Estate in Buckinghamshire village of Bradenham and neighbouring meadows. A great walk for autumn colours of almost every hue.

Autumn at Watlington Hill
Walking trail

Watlington Hill short walk 

This is a 1.5 mile walk around the Watlington Hill site, with opportunities to see autumn at its best. The walk offers spectacular views over Watlington, the Vale of Oxford, and along the beechwoods of the Chiltern Escarpment; an opportunity to see Chiltern beechwoods in all their autumn colours.

Chiltern beechwoods
Walking trail

Watlington Hill and the Wormsley Estate – An Emblematic Chilterns Walk 

This is a 8.4 miles (13.4 kilometres) walk taking you around the National Trust’s Watlington Hill site, Pyrton Hill, Cowleaze Wood and the Wormsley Estate. The Chiltern beech woodlands on this route provide colourful autumnal displays.

Looking westwards from Watlington Hill
Walking trail

Watlington Hill - Greenfields and Saxon Roads 

A 7-mile walk from Watlington Hill that explores chalk grassland and the colourful beech woodlands on the historic landscape of the Chilterns on the border between Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Beacon Hill from Chequers Knap
Walking trail

'Exploring the Chiltern Escarpment': a walk between Coombe Hill and Whiteleaf Hill 

This 10 mile walk offers a range of panoramic views across the Chiltern Escarpment and the Aylesbury Vale. See a range of historical and archaeological sites, as well as the pretty village of Ellesborough and the prime minister’s country retreat at Chequers. The Chiltern beech woodlands on this route provide a colourful display throughout.

Chiltern beechwoods
Walking trail

From Chilterns Escarpment to Remote Interior 

This is a moderately long walk that begins at Watlington Hill with far-reaching views of the Chilterns escarpment and the Oxford Vale. The walk is in opportunity to see some of the more remote Chiltern beechwoods in all their autumn colours.

Chiltern beechwoods
Walking trail

West Wycombe: Ridges and Bottoms 

This 8 mile walk heads northwest of West Wycombe to some beautiful countryside and woodland with far-reaching views, including colourful beechwoods and autumnal hedgerows.

Autumn colours in Echo Valley at Hughenden
Walking trail

Chiltern Hills Three-in-One National Trust Walk 

A colourful autumn walk linking three National Trust Properties in the Chiltern Hills: West Wycombe, Bradenham and Hughenden Manor. (It is also possible to use these instructions for a shorter 5.5 miles (8.5km) circular walk between West Wycombe and Bradenham, leaving out Hughenden Manor.)

Hampden House

Whiteleaf and The Hampdens

This 7.5 mile walk takes you from Chiltern woodlands near Whiteleaf, then beside Grim’s Ditch to the grounds of Hampden House. It then explores the farmland and wooded hillsides around the Hampden valley, including the remote village of Little Hampden, before returning to Whiteleaf Hill and a viewpoint over the Aylesbury Vale.