Bradenham Bolt Running Trail

Running trail

This is 10k trail run with hills, thrills and obstacles in the beautiful Chilterns countryside near Bradenham and West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. The route takes you through ancient beech woodland and chalk flower meadows on the Bradenham Estate. Bring your dog along (on a Canicross harness for running).

Each kilometre is marked by a 1.5m high wood post next to the track.

Bradenham Bolt Starting Line


Bradenham Bolt route map


Start at the wooden gate at SU826977


From the gate, head along the broad track towards the higher ground. The track curves to the left.


After 250 metres go through a gate then, after 25m, turn right off the main track, heading up a slope on a sunken track. The track curves to the right. At the top of the steep rise, take the right fork. The path continues to rise gently and then levels out. After around 300 metres past the fork you will meet a crossing track at a T-junction.


At the T-junction, turn sharp left following a clearly defined track, with the boundary fence to RAF High Wycombe on your right. After the 1km marker post, you will soon meet the first of two log-jumps. After a further 100 metres, you will encounter a crossing path near the corner of the RAF base, which is on your right. Head straight across on a clear level track that soon bends to the right through the woodland. After another 250 metres, turn left on the wider track, which soon starts to head downhill into a small valley.

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At the bottom of the valley, you will meet a crossing track. Turn left, heading downhill. After around 230 metres at a T-junction, turn sharp right onto a wide track, which curves to the left as it heads uphill. After 80m you pass the 2km marker post. Continue up the main track with another section of the boundary fence to another part of RAF High Wycombe on your right.


Soon the track bends sharply left uphill and away from the fence. Continue up the main track with another section of the boundary fence to another part of RAF High Wycombe on your right. The wide track eventually levels out and wends its way through the woodland. About 500m after the 3km marker post you will see a gate ahead of you.


50m before you reach the gate, turn left down a track to a T-junction Turn left on the track which levels out then becomes a holloway as it heads downhill. You meet a T-junction near a wooden gate on your right (which leads into the nature reserve at Small Dean Bank). At this T-junction turn sharp left. In a further 75 metres take the left fork heading uphill past a Footpath Only sign. Ignore a path joining from the right.

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Small Dean Bank


80m after the 4km marker post, turn right on a track that initially heads quite steeply downhill, but which levels out as it turns left and merges with another path. You are now back in in Park Wood. Continue on this roughly level track until you reach the second log-jump. 20m after this you come to a fork.

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Park Wood Bradenham


Turn left at the fork. At the next junction, take the right fork, which takes you downhill until it leaves Park Wood where you will meet a crossing path. Turn right, through a gate heading uphill with the Park Wood on your right. Towards the top on the incline you will reach the 5km marker post. Continue around the field boundary with woodland on your right. As you approach the corner of the field with tall woodland ahead turn sharply left downhill to a gate. Go through the gate and continue downslope for another 40 metres until you reach a gap in the hedge on your right.


At the gap, turn right, keeping the woodland on your right and after another 60 metres turn right again. Follow the broad track that runs along the field boundary, still with woodland on your right. Continue to circumnavigate the large field in an anticlockwise direction. Just before you pass Small Dean Farm on your right, you will pass the 6km marker post.

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National Trust Farmland at Brabenham


After following three sides of the field, turn left to follow the wide track between the fields, pass the 7km marker post (sometimes removed to assist farming), and head back to the gap in the hedge at Point 9. Turn left uphill then right after 40m (and before the gate) to follow the field boundary with a hedge on your left. Follow this until you meet a crossing hedge.


At the hedge, turn left uphill for a short distance to the point at which you left Park Wood earlier. Here turn right, following a wide track downhill with a line of small trees and fence on your left.


On reaching the bottom of the hill, pass the 8km marker post and turn sharp left through a gate and then follow the same field boundary back uphill, with the line of small trees and the fence still on your left.


Completely circumnavigate this field in a clockwise direction. You will pass the 9km marker post, and eventually you will return to point 12. Turn left through the gate, cross the track, then follow the boundary of a field with the fence on your right.

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200m after the track turn left uphill, keeping the hedge on your right. Continue to circumnavigate this final field in an anticlockwise direction until you reach the finishing post marked by a number of logs, close to where you started the run.


Finish at the logs in the fields at SU827977

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Bradenham Bolt Running Trail


The run is entirely off road on wide woodland tracks and along broad field boundaries. The woodland offers good shade in the summer but the second half of the run is across meadows that offer little natural protection from rain or from the strong summer sun. There are several short climbs and descents. Some paths can be muddy and slippery after prolonged or heavy rain. Good running shoes are highly recommended.

Bradenham Bolt Running Trail

How to get here

Start at the wooden gate at SU826977 near Bradenham Village
By train

The nearest railway station is at Saunderton, just over 1 mile from the start line. Please visit for the latest train times.  From the station car park, turn left under the bridge towards the A4010. Take care and cross the road to the pavement. Turn right and follow the pavement for approximately 0.7 miles until you see the entrance on your left. The starting point is 600m up the track.

By road

From the A4010, High Wycombe to Princes Risborough road, take Bradenham Wood Lane. Take the first right along the edge of the village green, then next left along on a track on the southern edge of the village green for about 180 metres. The designated National Trust car park is just after the cricket pavilion.

To get to the run start (about 1km away), walk next to the brick wall past the entrance to Bradenham Manor and past Bradenham Church, with the cricket pitch on your left. Cross the road to another small parking area. Turn right and then immediately left down a track past the Old School House (now a private property). Go through two gates then continue ahead with the fence and a line of trees on you left. When you reach a crossing track, turn right for 250m to reach a wood gate: the start point, which is at SU827977 (Latitude 51.672251, Longitude -0.805422)

Car park SATNAV: the nearest postcode is HP14 4HF. Latitude: 51.665615, Longitude: -0.804466

On the day of the event, an addition carpark is provided near the start.  The entrance to the race car park is an access road off the A4010 between Saunderton and Bradenham Village at SU821973. Look out for signs on the day and please contact us if you require more information.  Latitude 51.669120, Longitude -0.812889

By foot

Please see OS Explorer map 172.

By bus

The main bus route through Bradenham is route 321 between High Wycombe and Aylesbury. The bus stop is near the Red Lion pub in Bradenham Road (the A4010). Limited bus services operate at weekends so please check for the latest travel news. 

By bicycle

Bradenham is accessible by bicycle from High Wycombe or Princes Risborough. The Chiltern Cycleway passes Saunderton Station (see access by train above). Please note that no cycling is allowed on much of the trail.  Please see OS map 172.

Bradenham Bolt Running Trail

Facilities and access

  • Free parking is available in Bradenham village, near the cricket pavilion at Grid. Ref. SU827969
  • On the day of the run in early October, a temporary car park is provided at SU825975
  • Café: The Red Lion in Bradenham – phone ahead to check opening times on +441494 562 212
  • There are no public toilets on site, except on the day of the run. The nearest public toilets are in West Wycombe village.
  • Please take your litter home with you.