Visiting us with your school

GAP volunteer in action at Clent Hills

The Clent Hills provide a rich environment for learning for all ages and can be used for self-led visits. However, please be aware that facilities and infrastructure on site are limited.

Coaches can park on Walton Hill Car Park which has the best road access and plenty of space for coaches to manouvre. This car park is on Walton Hill Road, just off St Kenelm's Pass and is free to park in.

Coaches cannot park or make a drop-off at the Nimings Wood car park. Both the car park and the public road accessing it are narrow and there is no space to stop or turn around.

The only toilets on site are by the cafe at Nimmings Wood Car Park. These are a 10 minute walk from Walton Hill by road; longer over the Hills.

Whilst there is no undercover seating there are several picnic benches in the meadow behind the cafe and you are welcome to set up picnic blankets anywhere else on the hills. Please take all your rubbish with you.

We do not offer facilitated sessions or guided activities at the moment but please do contact us for more infomation about bringing a group to visit:


Coming Soon! We are working on a teachers pack for use on visits to the Clent Hills. Look out for more details here on the website!