Coldrum Long Barrow - what's in a name?

Magical cloud formations reflect the sunrise at Coldrum Long Barrow

Until the 14th century, nearly all places were named as a result of their environment. So what could Coldrum have meant?

We all hear stories associated with places, but what about place names? Most modern place names have their origins in history, with some being quite easy to understand. Other names have changed due to errors in punctuation, misunderstanding, mishearing or a combination of all these things. In essence, the names may have changed as a result of the game 'Chinese Whispers'. 
In his 'Antiquities of Cornwall' book published in 1754, William Borlas stated that the name 'Coldrum' derived from the Cornish Word 'Galdrum'. If correct, it would mean that Coldrum translates as 'a place of enchantment'. Whether or not this is true, it is certainly an appropriate name as many people do believe the place is magical / enchanted.


Magical belief

When you visit, you may well see pieces of fabric or ribbons tied to nearby trees. These 'clooties' form prayers for healing and forgiveness, although may also represent honour to those buried on the site. The healing idea is that as the rag disintegrates the ailment is supposed to fade away.