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I Spy: CSI 'Coleridge Spy Investigation'

Wed 15 Aug 2018
It is the late 1700s and there have been some strange things going on in Nether Stowey. Your help is needed to investigate.

Family Story Time

Thu 16 Aug 2018
Have you heard the tale of Sailor Sam? Or the story of the mice who lived in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's house?

Garden Tours

Fri 17 Aug 2018
There's more to Coleridge than the Cottage. Discover the stories of the poet's garden, and how it didn't turn out quite how he planned...

Cottage Uncovered

Tue 04 Sep 2018
Discover the unusual, lesser-known tales of Coleridge Cottage and it's strange history in these tours of the house and garden.

Romantic Women

Wed 05 Sep 2018
Samuel Taylor Coleridge - in the life of this great man were some great women whose stories are rarely told. The tale of their lives and their struggles during Coleridge's time at the Cottage are revealed through these guided tours.

Heritage Open Day

Sat 08 Sep 2018
Not a National Trust member? On Heritage Open Day, you can explore Coleridge Cottage for free.
Coleridge Cottage

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Volunteer Gina helps a young visitor make a gingerbread man

Volunteering at Coleridge Cottage 

There's plenty to do at Coleridge Cottage. Find out how you can be part of looking after this special place.

Coleridge Cottage

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Coleridge Cottage


Writing with a quill and ink at Coleridge Cottage

Learning at Coleridge Cottage 

Whether your group want to learn about Romanticism, revolution, who Coleridge was or how the Georgians used to live, Coleridge Cottage offers a selection of hands-on, immersive learning sessions for all key stages.

Coleridge Cottage


Hat and scarf in second parlour, Coleridge Cottage

Bringing a group to Coleridge Cottage 

All the information you need about bringing a group larger than 10 to Coleridge Cottage.