Copt Hall Marshes

Important notice -

Our small car park at Copt Hall Marshes is open 8am-6pm Spring to Autumn. You don't need to book, but spaces are limited, so if the car park is full, please come back another time.

Explore the beautiful Blackwater Estuary

View of beech trees at Frithsden beeches with a broken pollarded beech branch in the foreground

High winds in the Essex countryside 

During the winter months when we see more high winds and storm events we ask that you walk in the open spaces away from the trees.

Copt Hall Marshes

What's on 

Copt Hall Marshes

Our work

Fisher Estuarine Moth eggs being released on Sea Hogs Fennel on Copt Hall Marshes

Securing the future of a rare moth at Copt Hall Marshes 

The future of one of Britain’s rarest moths, the Fisher’s Estuarine Moth, is looking slightly brighter after a second batch of eggs have been introduced at Copt Hall Marshes.

Copt Hall Marshes

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Burnet moth with distinctive red spots feasting on thistle nectar

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Make a donation today and support our ongoing conservation work at Copt Hall Marshes. Salt marsh, the other habitats and the wildlife here need a lot of care, so help secure their future today for all to enjoy.