The second-hand bookshop at Cotehele

The bookshop at Cotehele

Find hundreds of good quality donated books in our volunteer run second-hand bookshop located within Retainers' Court, open daily from 12noon-5pm. Every time you buy a book from the bookshop you help care for Cotehele.


Visitor in the garden in summer at Cotehele, Cornwall.

Staying safe

Our restaurant, shop, bookshop, tea-room and gallery continue to prioritise the health and safety of staff, volunteers, suppliers and visitors. We maintain high standards of cleanliness, till and collection points are screened and hand sanitiser is available to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit as safely as possible.

Face coverings are recommended in enclosed, crowded areas during your visit. We look forward to welcoming you back and know that you’ll support us to make this a safe experience for everyone.

Donating books

We are so thankful for everyone's donations towards the bookshop. Although we are accepting donations, we are asking everyone to organise a donation with us in advance by calling the property office on 01579 351346. We will agree a date and time for you to donate (this is separate from our pre-booking system for the garden). If you arrive with books but haven't called ahead, we may ask you to leave and organise with us a suitable time to donate.

Our bookshop wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers

Without the help of our small team of dedicated volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to keep the bookshop open. They work hard sorting through all the books given by generous visitors to ensure the shelves are continually stocked.

Last year with your support, either through donating books or purchasing them, more than £8,000 was raised. All funds contribute to vital conservation work at Cotehele, ensuring that Cotehele will be looked after for everyone, for ever.

Thank you

We couldn't do it without you

The money raised from our bookshop goes directly into funding the vital conservation work happening here at Cotehele. To everyone who has donated a book or bought one – thank you.